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Kim-Lien Kendall

Kim-Lien Kendall photo Kim-Lien Kendall
  • Purple Belt

Smarter Yoga and Kettlebell Instructor

Kim has been teaching yoga classes, one on one sessions, workshops, seminars, retreats and teacher trainings since 2005. She has studied several styles of yoga under many well-known teachers and combined her background in exercise physiology and kinesiology to co-create Smarter Yoga (TM), an individualized movement practice rooted in exercise science without the dogma of traditional yoga practice. She is the CEO of Smarter Bodies and the co-author of “Exposing Yoga Myths”.

Kim has a BS in Biochemistry from Florida State University (2005), is certified by Yoga Union, has completed training and an ongoing education at the Breathing Project, is certified as a Redcord Active instructor and is a MET Master Facilitator. Kim is also an active competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and currently a purple belt. She is known for creating sport-specific mobility programs and has created a program specifically for grapplers that will be taught exclusively at AT Jiu-Jitsu NYC.